Soo.. who’s allowed to enter the entrance then?? :))
I wonder if girls can still pee after seeing this restroom sign
I was looking for signs and symbols to use for my grand demo and bumped into this quirky restroom sign! :))
Funniest! Poor guy :)))))
Can’t wait for this!! Can’t wait for Old Girls Day!!
i’m gonna miss you too much @RocoJasmin 


Your Newly Fashioned Topshop Galleria Opens 25th May 2011
Come to the opening and get loads of discounts and freebies!
20% off for the first day shoppers!
A free Topshop purse when you purchase items worth P3,000!
1st 100 shoppers to spend over P1500 get an exclusive Topshop shopper!
AND a chance to win a whopping P10,000 worth of shopping spree!
TOPMAN will also open on the same day! 

See ya there! 

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lezzgo Lego! Lego mini figure rings I just made :)



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See you all! :)

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